Fabric: MySkin Sensation is a head ultralight produced entirely by hand in each assembly stage, the super-thin fabric has a high compression capacity that helps muscle contraction and reduces the vibration of the skin, providing a lower friction thanks also to a treatment of Teflon coating that provides reduced drag and more active support of the reservoir, stabilizing the abdomen and legs helping return the mechanics of functional limb movements.

Welding: The few welds are possible due to the small number of components to be attached to a single finished garment (3 version 4 in the Men’s and Women’s), and helps to obtain a perfect fit to head wear. The new technology of the structural welds are made in a patent “Proteus Performance Researchers” hours of laboratory, test and out of the water they conceived a product resistant, flexible and functional, designed for durability with maximum performance.

At Protéus we deal with the design and development of technologies, materials and technique to get the maximum performance!

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